Measure S

Information on Measure S


The City of South Lake Tahoe wants to do a better job providing services that make it a good place to live, work, and raise a family.

Our job is getting harder, With the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing increases in the costs of providing local services, the City is facing an ongoing deficit of nearly $6.5 million.

The City is considering significant cuts to vital services our residents have told us they value.

After months of outreach to the community, the South Lake Tahoe City Council unanimously placed Measure S on the November 3 ballot for voter consideration. Also known as the South Lake Tahoe Fire Protection, Emergency Response, City Services Measure, Measure S is a 1-cent local sales tax measure.


If approved by South Lake Tahoe voters this November, Measure S enact a 1-cent local sales tax, that would provide a source of local funds to address the services residents have indicated are important, including:

  • Reducing the threat of wildfires and maintaining fire protection and 911 emergency response times
  • Maintaining snow removal
  • Maintaining public safety / retaining qualified police officers and firefighters
  • Preventing lake pollution /protecting lake water quality and treating stormwater runoff
  • Keeping public areas safe and clean
  • Retaining and attracting local jobs and businesses
  • Repairing streets and roads

If you are a member of a civic organization and would like to receive an informational presentation regarding South Lake Tahoe’s current challenges and Measure S, please contact Chris Fiore at


Measure S was carefully crafted after months of public input, engaging thousands of households, and obtaining hundreds of community survey responses on local service priorities.

To ensure that money will be spent as promised, Measure S includes strict accountability requirements including public disclosure of all spending and annual independent financial audits and performance reports, which will be available online, and all money will be exclusively used in South Lake Tahoe and cannot be taken by the county, state, or federal government.

Please make an informed decision in the upcoming Municipal Election as we work to keep South Lake Tahoe a great place to live, do business, and raise a family. In addition to Measure S, voters will also have an opportunity to vote on local City Council candidates.


For more information about how to vote, please visit the City Clerk's elections page