Design Standards

The Planning Division strives to ensure that the design elements of new, remodeled and rehabilitated development are compatible with the scenic, community and recreation values described in the General Plan and compliant with city-wide design standards. These design standards may be found in Chapter 6.10 and 6.55 of the City Municipal Code. The Planning Division also implements and regulates the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Code of Ordinances through our memorandum of understanding (MOU) with their agency.

The following are Various Design Standard Checklists:

City-Wide Design Standards Checklist (PDF)
Parking, Driveway and Loading Spaces Standards Checklist (PDF)
Bijou/Al Tahoe Community Plan Standards and Guidelines Checklist (PDF)
Industrial Tract Community Plan Project Review Checklist (PDF)
Stateline.Ski Run Community Plan Standards Checklist (PDF)