City Council Compensation

The Current City Council Salary is $1,042.97 (Resolution No. 2018-8, Adopted at the January 23, 2018 City Council Meeting)

South Lake Tahoe is a General Law City. As a result, compensation for City Councilmembers is set by California Government Code section 36516, which is reflected in City Code Title 2-Administration, Chapter 2.05-City Officers -Compensation generally.

California Government Code 36516 states in part:

(a)A city council may enact an ordinance providing that each member of the city council shall receive a salary, the amount of which shall be determined by the following schedule:

(1)In cities up to and including 35,000 in population, up to and including three hundred dollars ($300) per month. (Note: South Lake Tahoe's population per the 2010 census was 21,403).

Government Code Section 36516 continues,
(c)Compensation of council members may be increased beyond the amount provided in this section by an ordinance or by an amendment to an ordinance but the amount of the increase may not exceed an amount equal to 5 percent for each calendar year from the operative date of the last adjustment of the salary in effect when the ordinance or amendment is enacted. No salary ordinance shall be enacted or amended which provides for automatic future increases in salary.

(d)Unless specifically authorized by another statute, a city council may not enact an ordinance providing for compensation to city council members in excess of that authorized by the procedures described in subdivisions (a) to (c), inclusive. For the purposes of this section, compensation includes payment for service by a city council member on a commission, committee, board, authority, or similar body on which the city council member serves. If the other statute that authorizes the compensation does not specify the amount of compensation, the maximum amount shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150) per month for each commission, committee, board, authority, or similar body.

(e)Any amounts paid by a city for retirement, health and welfare, and federal social security benefits shall not be included for purposes of determining salary under this section provided the same benefits are available and paid by the city for its employees.

(f)Any amounts paid by a city to reimburse a council member for actual and necessary expenses pursuant to Section 36514.5 shall not be included for purposes of determining salary pursuant to this section