Bijou Park Creek Watershed Restoration Project Area

The proposed Bijou Park Creek Project is a multi-benefit project facilitated by a public agency and private investment partnership. The project area consists of two sites that are privately and publicly owned totaling 7.6 acres and currently developed with a tourist accommodation use (Knights Inn) and associated restaurant, pool and parking lot, conference center, a single-family dwelling unit, and parcels owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy. The City is proposing to partner with a developer to remove all existing development located within the project area, restore a portion of the Bijou Park Creek, establish an area-wide water quality treatment system and redevelop commercial uses on the site.

The stormwater and stream restoration project includes removing an undersized and failing storm drain pipe beneath the Knights Inn building, creating a new stormwater treatment system, daylighting a segment of Bijou Park Creek, and increasing the capacity of the downstream overflow conveyance system to reduce localized flooding from the undersized infrastructure. The stormwater treatment system which includes the daylighted Bijou Park Creek could result in the removal of 8,200 pounds of fine sediment particles, 77 pounds of total nitrogen, and 25 pounds of total phosphorus annually from a watershed directly connected to Lake Tahoe. In addition, approximately 0.7 acre-feet of infiltrated water per year would recharge the groundwater.

The commercial portions of the project will include 43,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, parking, pedestrian pathways, and design features that encourage walking, biking, and alternative modes of transportation. The proposed project includes five separate buildings throughout the site with the restored Bijou Park Creek integrated with outdoor seating and gathering areas in the middle of the site.

Bijou Park Creek Watershed Restoration Project Area Map