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Tae Kwon Do 
The following Tae Kwon DO classes are held at the Senior Center Tuesdays and Thursdays:
3050 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Monthly Fees available.
Instructors: Chris & Rick Manglinong 530-721-0216

Classes offered October thru May 

Tae Kwon Do - Ages 14 to Adult

This tae kwon do class is designed to teach self-defense, coordination, and self-confidence. This is a continuing course for beginner and advanced students. Students should wear loose clothing. The drop-in fee is $8.

Tae Kwon Do - Ages 7 to 13
This tae kwon do class is designed to teach self-defense, coordination, and self-confidence.  This is a continuing course for beginner and advanced students.  Students should wear loose clothing. The drop-in fee $8.

Arnis Escrima Kali - Ages 18 and Older
In this class, students learn single- and double-stick techniques, including disarm, twirling, sparring drills, and bare-handed applications. Instructors reserve the right to refuse instructions to anyone. Please wear loose clothing. Equipment is supplied by the instructors. The drop-in fee is $10.

Aikido is a non-violent and non-competitive Japanese martial art that can be done by people of all ages and many levels of physical abilities. Through aikido training, you will learn to apply throws, wrist locks, and redirections while learning how to move with grace and power. Staff/spear, sword,and knife techniques round out a comprehensive martial curriculum. The training is designed for all levels of practitioners.  Sweats and t-shirts are recommended for those that wish to try training, and uniforms are available for committed students.
Sign up at one of our classes in the Aspen Room of the Recreation Center.
 Instructors: Mark and Jen Dulyanai www.bluelakeaikido.org
Monthly membership is $80/month for either children or adults.
Ages 5-12 Tuesdays and Thursdays  5pm-5:50pm
Ages 13-Adults Tuesday and Thursdays 6:15pm-7:30pm


Jazzercise is for everyone, no matter your figure or age. Each class features a warm-up, 30 minutes of aerobics, floor work, and cool-down. Each session has lively routines with lots of variety and music changes. Workouts are fun, energetic, and safe. Babysitting is available at the Monday through Friday morning classes. Register for all classes at the door. Monthly class pass reduced-rate ticket books are available. The individual class cost is $10 and $8 for seniors.
For More Information contact Jodi Stewart 


Who is ready to have fun and dance the stress away?
Zumba is the answer for you! Come and join us in the Latin-inspired fitness class that is dominating the world. Zumba incorporates all types of music with different levels of dance movements.  The combination of fast and slow rhythms tone and sculpt the body by bringing a different approach to working out. 
Zumba is not just great for your body but also for your mind. It helps reduce stress levels, increase energy, and burn calories by combining all elements of fitness(cardio, muscle toning, flexibility, and positive energy).  It/s the perfect class for everybody and no dance experience is needed.  So go with the flow and enjoy a Zumba Fitness-Party!

Instructor: Myee Avecilla
Where: Recreation Complex/Cedar Room-1180 Rufus Allen Blvd
When: Tuesday and Thursdays 5:00 PM-6:00 PM 
  Saturdays 11:00 am-12:00 pm 
Cost:  $10 drop in fee or 10 use punch card for $60.00