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Gang Unit
Team Goal
The Gang Enforcement Team at the South Lake Tahoe Police Department is dedicated to the enforcement of statutes related to anti-gang activities. The team is comprised of officers who are specially trained to address and combat gang trends in our community. Through the use of proactivity, intelligence collection, and education the team focuses its efforts on known criminal organizations and preventing youth from joining gangs.

Weapons from Juggalo gang case.jpg
Weapons confiscated from a local gang by the
South Lake Tahoe Police Department Gang Unit


The Team works closely with other services such as the Probation Department, the District Attorney’s office, and local schools. Parents, citizens, and others who wish to join us in this effort are encouraged to contact the Gang Enforcement Team. For in-progress crimes or for immediate police assistance, call 9-1-1.

Guns from gang warrant.jpg Sureno tags.JPG 
Guns confiscated from gang warrant              Example of gang tagging

To report a problem, please call the Gang Enforcement Team at (530) 542-6121.