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The City at Work
The City at Work initiative was adopted by the City Council in May, 2011 with the adoption of the City's first-ever Business Plan. The Initiative is a coordinated effort to serve the public better by keeping the public more informed of projects going on in the City, provide easy access to project updates and progress photos. Sign up to stay informed when we post project updates or stay informed by returning to these pages.

For more information on these projects contact Jim Marino, City's Capital Improvement Project Manager at (530) 542-6027.

View map of 2016 City Projects

2015 - 2016 Projects

D Street Public Works Facility
Project Manager: Jim Marino
Statue: Design
Schedule: 2016

The City acquired a parcel located at 1740 D Street to create an office and industrial facility for the City’s Public Works Department staff and equipment currently located at the Rufus Allen Corporation Yard and the Tata Lane Offices.

By relocating the staff and equipment at the Rufus Allen location, the City realizes potential for increased recreational opportunities and facilities at that location in conjunction with the proposed recreation center rehabilitation and future 56 acres project.

Bijou Bike Park
Project Manager: Jim Marino
Status: Complete
Schedule: Completed 2015

The project consists of various compacted dirt courses/features and hardscape areas, and has been designed to  include two (2) pump tracks, a BMX race track, kids learning zone, and a terrain park within approximately five undeveloped acres of the Bijou Park area. The park will also include a hardscape paver stone entry area with signage that describes the park and its rules; bleachers for spectator seating; a future announcer booth; storage shed; and water and power utilities to service the park.

The new bike park would replace the less formal BMX track existing at the South Tahoe Middle School and provide a broader biking experience including the ability to host events sanctioned by USA BMX. The park, once constructed, will become a City asset and will be open to the public and available for special events, as approved by the Recreation Manager.

Proposed Bike Park Map

Sierra Tract Erosion Control Project, Phases 3 & 4 

Project Manager: Stan Hill
Status: Complete
Schedule: Completed 2016

The Sierra Tract ECP, Phase 3 & 4 project includes design of water quality improvements for commercial portion of the Sierra Tract subdivision immediately adjacent to U.S. Highway 50 and the southwestern residential portion of the subdivision.  Storm water from the project area drains directly to the Upper Truckee River, which drains to Lake Tahoe. 

For more information, view the Project Workplan which includes a project description, detailed maps and analysis of the REDUCTION of fine sediment produced within the project area that flows to the Upper Truckee River.

Engineering Plans 
- Subset of Project Design Plans.  To view a complete set of plans, please contact the Engineering Division of Public Works



Tahoe Valley Greenbelt/Stormwater Improvement Project

Project Manager: Jason Burke
Status: Planning
Schedule: 2017

The Tahoe Valley Greenbelt/Stormwater Improvement Project includes much of the densely developed commercial areas near U.S. Highway 50, both north and south of the “Y”. The area is a priority for treatment as storm water runoff discharges directly to the Upper Truckee River, which drains to Lake Tahoe.  The project includes design of water quality improvements to reduce pollutant loads discharged to the Upper Truckee River.

The Tahoe Valley SWIP ties in with the Tahoe Valley Area Plan to reduce pollutant loading while creating a walkable, bikable and scenic connection from one of the more densely populated areas of the City to adjacent neighborhoods. The Tahoe Valley Area Plan is currently under review.

Tahoe Valley Area Plan Public Review

Conceptual Photos (Artist rendition, not actual design)

Conceptual Design (Map)

El Dorado Beach to Ski Run Bike Trail
Project Manager: Stan Hill
Status: Acquisitions
Schedule: 2017

The El Dorado Beach to Ski Run Bike Trail project includes construction of an approximately 1-mile long Class 1 bike path (paved bike path in dedicated right-of-way separated from roadway right-of-way) on the north side of U.S. Highway 50 between El Dorado Beach and Ski Run Boulevard.

90% Plans (Not Final)

Environmental Document