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South Lake Tahoe Fire Department
Before SLTFD was Formed

Fire Dept 1961.jpgLake Valley Fire 1961 with Norm Woods.jpg
Lake Valley Fire, circa 1961.  One of the City's founding fathers, Norm Woods,
was a volunteer fire fighter.

History Hunt Clue
Are you doing the History Hunt? Here's a clue to one of the questions...the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department built Fire Station 1 located at 1252 Ski Run Blvd.at the corner of Ski Run Blvd. and Pioneer Trail.  Both SLTFD stations 2 and 3 were built by Lake Valley FPD.

Second clue…the building with the photo of Chief Cherry is….
Rec Center.jpg

1970 SLTFD.jpg
South Lake Tahoe Fire Department circa 1970.

1970 Children at Fire Station.jpg
Children participating in an Open House at South Lake Tahoe Fire Department circa 1970.

1989 SLTFD Brad Piazzo and Bob Hoy.jpg 1989 SLTFD House Buring.jpg
Brad Piazzo and Bob Hoy, 1989                                House Fire, 1989

1994 Fire Department truck.jpg 1994 Fire Department cropped 2.jpg
SLTFD circa 1994.