Residential Development Streamlining

The City of South Lake Tahoe has been granted funds through the California Senate Bill 2 (SB 2, 2017) Planning Grants Program (PGP) to streamline residential development standards and permit processes. SB 2 established a permanent state-wide source of funding intended to increase the affordable housing stock in California. The legislation directs the Department to use 50 percent of the first year’s revenue to establish a program that provides financial and technical assistance to local governments to update planning documents and land-use ordinances. The PGP is intended for the preparation, adoption, and implementation of plans that streamline housing approvals and accelerate housing production. Objectives of the City's streamlining initiative are to:

  • Develop objective design and development standards for housing projects in order to create more developer certainty in the residential project approval process.  
  • Develop objective design and development standards consistent with current City, TRPA and California policies and regulations. 
  • Develop a ministerial permitting process for eligible residential projects meeting specified criteria in order to streamline project review and permitting.

The City has released a Request for Proposals to solicit consultant assistance with the effort. The deadline for submitting a proposal is October 7, 2019.