Community Housing Resources

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency housing policies, regulations, and incentives  

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Regional Plan Goals and Policies ensure compliance with the Tahoe Regional Planning Compact, or Bi-State Compact, and serves as a guide for all future land use decisions with the Tahoe Region. The Regional Plan achieves and maintains adopted environmental thresholds while providing for orderly growth and development. A Housing Subelement is included in the Regional Plan Land Use Element to make provisions for the development of low- and moderate-income housing within the Tahoe Region.

Tahoe Prosperity Center - Housing Tahoe

South Shore Partnership with the goal of “if you have a job here locally, you should be able to live here locally.” Currently developing a Housing Opportunity Assessment and Action Plan.

Tahoe Home Connection

Tahoe Home Connection is a new program for property owners to rent their properties on a seasonal or longer term basis to South Shore professionals working on a part-time, seasonal basis or even full-time basis.

  1. Zachary Thomas

    Housing Manager
    Phone: 530-542-7400