Shared Rental Regulations

The City is seeking public comment on regulations for a Shared Rental Ordinance. 


Since 2003, the City has regulated Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) through an ordinance that has been periodically amended to address health, safety, and welfare concerns including enhanced code enforcement provisions, detailed regulations regarding trash, noise, and occupancy, the imposition of a cap on the total number of VHRs outside the Tourist Core Area Plan, and a revocation process where substantial violations of the City Code have occurred. 

The current ordinance defines a VHR as the rental of an entire dwelling for a period of less than 30 consecutive calendar days, so shared rentals where less than the entire dwelling is rented on a short-term basis, are not covered.


To date, shared rentals are permitted by obtaining a business license and are required to pay transient occupancy tax. Due to the increase in demand for shared rentals, and their potential impacts on neighborhoods, there is a need to regulate and monitor shared vacation rentals.

Recently, City Council reviewed draft regulations from multiple jurisdictions and provided feedback and direction to staff for a draft Ordinance regulating Shared Rentals. Click for a link to the June 9, 2020, City Council Meeting.

Please provide comments by August 21, 2020, to allow enough time for staff to consider all comments 

prior to September's Planning Commission meeting.

Click here to review the Draft Shared Rental Regulations.

For more information or to submit comments please email or call Courtney Weiche, Assistant Planner, at 530-542-6022.

You can also submit comments online by filling out this form