Parks & Recreation Commission

Duties & Qualifications

  • Members must reside within the Tahoe Basin portion of El Dorado County
  • Advise the City Council concerning ongoing or proposed parks and recreation programs within the city
  • Review and advise concerning proposed policies relating to parks and recreation department operations within the city
  • Review and recommend capital improvement projects in parks and recreation facilities within the city

Parks & Recreation Commission Meetings  

  • 8:00 AM
  • On the third Wednesday every month; January - November 
  • Location: City Hall, 1901 Lisa Maloff Way OR Recreation Complex, 1180 Rufus Allen Blvd, South Lake Tahoe (Public Participation must be in person. Zoom is not available) 

Members                                                   Term Expires

  • Amelia Richmond                                                    2/2024          
  • Jerry Bindel, Chair                                                   2/2024
  • David Gregorich, Co-Chair                                      2/2024
  • Margie Kovarik-Maxhimer                                       2/2025
  • Kira Smith                                                                2/2025
  • Peter Fink                                                                2/2025
  • Nicole Ramirez-Thomas                                          2/2025

Agenda / Agenda Packet