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Ordinance Regulating Wireless Facilities on Private Property

The ordinance is intended to address community concerns and increase local control over regulation of wireless facilities in compliance with federal and state law, which place some limitations on cities’ ability to regulate. This ordinance regulates wireless facilities outside public rights-of-way, including on parcels within City limits under private or governmental ownership.

Ordinance 2020-1143

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Wireless Facilities in Public Rights-of-Way

The purpose of this “policy document” is to provide comprehensive guidelines for the review and processing of applications for the placement and design of small cell wireless facilities in public rights-of-way in accordance with the South Lake Tahoe City Code. These guidelines are intended to prescribe clear, reasonable, and predictable criteria to assess and process applications in a consistent and expeditious manner, while reducing visual and land use impacts associated with small cell wireless facilities. The guidelines presented in this policy promote the use of camouflage design techniques and preferred locations to minimize the visual impacts to the surrounding community and preserve land uses within the City of South Lake Tahoe. At the same time, the guidelines allow for the orderly and efficient development of wireless networks consistent with the rules and regulations required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) pursuant to the Telecommunication Act of 1996.

Resolution 2020-045

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Section 6409 Eligible Facilities Request

The purpose of this "policy document" is to provide comprehensive guidelines for the review and processing of applications for eligible facilities requests proposed within the City's territorial and jurisdictional boundaries, consistent with and to the extent permitted under federal and California state law. This policy is also intended to reflect and promote the community interest by: (1) ensuring that the appropriate balance between public and private interests is maintained; (2) protecting the City's, Lake Tahoe and the community's visual character from potential adverse impacts and/or visual blight created or exacerbated by wireless facilities and related communications infrastructure; (3) protecting and preserving the City's environmental resources; and (4) promoting access to high-quality, advanced wireless services for the City's residents, businesses and visitors.

Resolution 2020-044

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