Barton Avenue and 2nd Street Drainage Project

Project Manager: Stan Hill
Status: Planning and Design
Schedule: TBD

The Barton Avenue and 2nd Street drainage project includes constructing stormwater improvements based on low impact development (LID) principles to restore natural hydrologic processes to address localized flooding and reduce urban runoff pollution.  To address flooding, erosion and sediment issues in an urbanized area, the project includes stabilizing road shoulders with permeable pavement and strategically placed concrete curbs to protect bare soil on road shoulder area and direct urban runoff to drain inlets within the project area.  Stormwater runoff will then be directed via underground storm drain inlets, sediment traps, and pipes to the stormwater treatment basin (2nd Street Basin) planted with native vegetation to remove nutrients and sediment from runoff.  All improvements will be constructed within the public right-of-way (under the jurisdiction of the City of South Lake Tahoe) and public lands owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC), which can be used for environmental improvements under the previously approved License Agreement (2017-0624-LT-204) with the CTC.

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