Special Events

The City of South Lake Tahoe recognizes that events provide many social, cultural, and economic benefits which enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors. The special event process was created with the purpose of supporting and welcoming events while also ensuring the safety, health, property, and welfare of the community.

Is a Permit Required? 

A special event permit is required prior to an activity involving any of the following elements: 

- Road closure or detour- Off-site parking - Private security- Amplified sound
-Ground disturbance- Temporary Structures (i.e. tents greater than 10'x10', stage, ect. - Use of city resources (i.e. barricades, signs, traffic control, ect.) - Conducted over a period of four or more consecutive days
- Potential for more than 500 attendees

Additional information regarding permit requirements and exemptions can be found in the special event guidelines

To obtain a permit complete the following steps:

1. Download the Guidelines and Application

Download both the special event guidelines and application which establish permit review levels, submission timeframes, and required application materials. 

Special Event Guidelines

Special Event Application

2. Determine When Submission is Required

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications to the Development Service Department as soon as possible to ensure the city can help coordinate the best event possible. However, to ensure staff has adequate time to process applications, submission must be deemed complete a minimum of: 

Major Special Event
90 days prior to event
Minor Special Event
30 days prior to event

*All events require an approved permit prior to ticket sales.*

3. Submit the Application 

Applications for a special event can be submitted electronically via email to planner@cityofslt.us 

Permit fees are required at time of submission. Please include the credit card payment authorization form with the application. 

Minor Special Event Permits
Major Special Event Permits
Non-Profit and Free to Public Special Event Permits


Need to reserve a City facility?

Reservation for facilities at the Bijou Community Park, the Recreation and Swim Complex or Regan Beach can be made on the City Parks and Recreation Department webpage here. For questions regarding facility rental, please email facilityrental@cityofslt.us

Other Regulations

Events may also be subject to regulation or permitting from the following agencies:

El Dorado County Environmental Health

California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control