Temporary Activities

Temporary Activities are events held on private property for up to four days. 

Activities proposed in City Parks or recreation areas are considered Special Events, which are handled by the City Parks and Recreation Department.  Find info on Special Events here.

City adopted regulations for Temporary Activities on private property are included in City Code Section 6.55.230. All temporary activities that take place within the City must comply with the following requirements:

i. Comply with TRPA Code Chapter 22. However, activities qualifying for a TRPA Code exemption are not exempt from city permit requirements.

ii. Comply with all applicable city, county, state, and federal regulations, including but not limited to El Dorado County Department of Environmental Health permitting and regulations, and California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control permitting and regulations.

iii. Be limited to activities conducted over a period not to exceed four days. There shall be a four-day period between temporary activities on a property.

iv. Consistent with the city code, the permissible uses in the plan area statements, community plans, and area plans.

v. In the appropriate location for the proposed type and size of event, and accommodate appropriate vehicle circulation and parking, signage, noise mitigation, and waste management.

vi. Comply with Chapter 7.15 SLTCC, Urban Runoff and Storm Water Quality Management.

vii. Comply with Chapter 3.35 SLTCC, Tax Rates and Licensing.

viii. Signage shall not exceed a total of 60 square feet in area and shall be no taller than six feet in height. This may include one banner displayed for the activity. Temporary signs that are part of a temporary activity may be installed up to 14 days prior to the activity and shall be removed at the end of the activity. All signage shall be removed immediately following the event.

ix. Comply with fire codes and safety standards set forth by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for fire resistant tents and must include an affixed manufacturer’s label stating the tent meets NFPA requirements. A State Fire Marshal seal on the tent or a certificate is needed to prove treatment.

x. Not impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic at any time. Vehicle parking, loading or unloading may only occur in a designated parking stall and shall not occur within the city or Caltrans right-of-way, within sidewalk areas, or other publicly used areas. Sidewalks shall be kept open for use by the general public.

xi. Comply with accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

xii. Comply with SLTCC 6.10.450(F) limiting the number of arts and crafts booths to nine, as an incidental component.

d. Where temporary activities involve land disturbance, signage or structures, permittees may be required to post a security with the city to ensure compliance with certain conditions of approval. The approval shall state which conditions are the subject of the security.

Use the Checklist on the Temporary Activities Information Handout to ensure your event is compliant.

City Permit Requirements

Minor temporary activities that comply with the provisions of TRPA Code of Regulations and city of South Lake Tahoe City Code may be conducted without a permit. Temporary Activities that include any of the following components require a permit issued by the Development Services Department prior to the event.

i. Road closure or detour;

ii. Off-site parking;

iii. Private security;

iv. Temporary structures (i.e., tents greater than 10 feet by 10 feet, stage, etc.);

v. Amplified music;

vi. Ground disturbance;

vii. Use of city resources (i.e., barricades, signs, traffic control, etc.);

viii. Activities proposed at night between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Click here for the Temporary Activity Application form.  

Click here for the Temporary Activity Application Addendum for COVID-19 Protocols

The application along with all required supporting materials must be submitted to the City Development Services Department, along with a $400 application fee at least 30 days prior to the event. Applications submitted within 30 days of the event may not allow time for review and the City will not be able to issue a permit. Large events with multiple components or complex logistics will require more than 30 days for City review. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit an application with ample time for review by all City Departments and other agencies.

Other Regulations

Temporary Activities may also be subject to regulation or permitting from the following agencies:

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

El Dorado County Environmental Health