How do I vote in the recall election while evacuated?

To learn how to vote in the recall, go to the following link: https://edcgov.us/Government/Elections/Pages/Wild-Fire-Voting-Information.aspx

Where can I pick up my mail? 

The USPS has forwarded all mail back to local post offices from where it originally held it in Carson City during evacuations. Whichever post office typically serves your address is where you can pick up your mail. In order to pick up mail, you must have your photo ID. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, since there may be a wait at the Post Office. 

Note: If you are unable to pick up your mail while evacuated, all mail will be forwarded back to you after repopulation. 

UPS is retaining volume for the South Lake Tahoe evacuation territories  both at origins and in multiple locations in our network which will be made available when safe to do so after approved repopulation. They advise customers to call 1-888-742-5877 or visit www.ups.com to validate the status of packages if needed. If you are in an area where evacuation orders have been lifted, UPS has resumed delivery of current and previously held packages.  

FedEx customers with questions about their shipments should check fedex.com (or fedex.com service alert page) for updates.

Unfortunately, Amazon is unable to reroute packages once they have been ordered.  Both amazon and carriers (UPS/USPS) will stop and return to sender items that have been ordered to restricted areas. It might take some time, but those orders will show up as return to sender (cancelled) and the customer should be refunded for the item.  If the customer’s package carrier for an Amazon order was USPS, UPS, or FedEx, then I would suggest that they reach out to the carrier about package status since they have already made plans for what to do with packages from evacuated areas.

For anyone that would like to place an order through Amazon during this time, there are a number of lockers and hubs in the Reno and Carson City areas that they can order a new package to be delivered to for pickup.  The links below contain more information:




Where can I get Disaster Legal Assistance?

 Free disaster legal assistance for El Dorado County evacuees is available via the Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline at 888-382-3406. To learn more, go here: https://www.calbar.ca.gov/Public/Free-Legal-Information/Legal-Help-After-a-Disaster#:~:text=Statewide%20legal%20assistance%20hotline%3A%20888%2D382%2D3406.&text=No%20income%20limits%3B%20free%20to%20everyone.