Arts, Culture, and Tourism Commission

Arts, Culture and Tourism Commission Meetings 

  • Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13 at 9am. 
  • Location: City Hall, 1901 Lake Tahoe Blvd. South Lake Tahoe 
  • Chair-Bryan Yerian 
  • Vice Chair-David Hamilton 
  • Commissioner-Stacey Ballard
  • Commissioner-Eleanor Brennan 
  • Commissioner-Scott Forrest 

Non-voting representative

  • Aimi Xistra-Rich 


  •  Act in advisory capacity to the City Council and no express authority or power to act on behalf of the City.
  •  Review proposed policies on Arts, Culture and Tourism programs and report findings.
  •  Review proposed public arts projects and make recommendations for appropriation of funds for specific  projects   

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Agenda/Agenda Packet

2023 Meeting dates

  • Tuesday, April 18
  • Tuesday, May, 9
  • Tuesday, June 13
  • Tuesday, July 18
  • Tuesday, August 15
  • Tuesday, September 19
  • Tuesday, October 10
  • Tuesday, November 14
  • Tuesday, December 19

Note: All meetings start at 9am

First-Ever Arts, Culture, and Tourism Microgrant Awards Announced

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA, May 12, 2023 – On Tuesday, May 9, the Arts, Culture, and Tourism (ACT) Commission awarded a total of $15,000 to four (4) applicants for the inaugural ACT Microgrant Program. The microgrant program seeks to provide unique opportunities for arts and culture in our community that are free and accessible to all. 

 A total of eleven (11) applicants were reviewed by a panel consisting of the ACT Chair Bryan Yerian, ACT Commissioner Eleanor Brennan, the City’s Sustainability Coordinator, and the City’s Financial Services Supervisor. The panel was created to carefully assess each applicant and make a recommendation to the full ACT Commission for consideration. Awardees demonstrated artistic merit and aligned with the ACT Commission’s Mission, Vision, and Values while promoting the City’s Strategic Priorities. The ACT Commission unanimously approved the review panels recommendation. 

 The following are the inaugural program’s grant recipients: 

South Lake Tahoe Pride (funding requested for mural)                                                             $3,000.00

Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada (funding requested for mural)                                                $5,000.00

Kristen Schwartz (funding requested for e-book)                                                                       $2,600.00

Tahoe Valley VAPA (funding requested to enhance AV for theater)                                            $4,400.00

Total:                                                                                                                                          $15,000.00