Reach Codes Development


What is a Reach Code?

A Reach Code is a local building energy code which reaches beyond the minimum requirements of the state energy requirements. Adopting more stringent energy requirements for building design and construction can allow a local government to reduce emissions, lower utility bills, provide safer buildings, and improve public health. Reach Codes give local governments the opportunity to act as a leader and set pathways for other governments to follow.

What is new in the 2022 California Building Code?

Learn more about the building code, what's new in 2022, and how reach codes go beyond the baseline in this Building Energy Efficiency Standards Summary from the California Energy Commission. 

What are the best resources for learning more about Reach Codes? 

What is the process for the City of South Lake Tahoe to adopt a Reach Code? 

The City will gather feedback from the community and local stakeholders. The process begins with a meeting with local industry stakeholders whose work could potentially be affected by a Reach Code--contractors, realtors, engineers, architects, etc. A second meeting will be advertised and open to any and all community members. Feedback from these two meetings will be presented to City Council on August 8, 2023, and Council will give their direction. Then, a second round of meetings will occur, for a total of four community/stakeholder meetings. Feedback and recommendations will be presented for City Council this fall. 

  • Stakeholder meeting #1. May 4th.  Link to meeting recording. Slides linked below this section.
  • Community meeting #1. June 1st. Link to meeting recording. Slides linked below this section.  
  • Stakeholder meeting #2.Date TBD. Link to recording will be posted here. 
  • Community meeting #2. Date TBD. Link to recording will be posted here. 

 Why adopt Reach Codes in the City of South Lake Tahoe?

South Lake Tahoe is committed to demonstrating leadership in climate resilience. With the 2017 passing of Resolution 2017-26, the City committed to reducing emissions to: 

50% below 2015 levels by 2030

80% below 2015 levels by 2040

In 2020, South Lake Tahoe adopted its first Climate Action Plan (CAP) and conducted two Greenhouse (GHG) Gas Inventories. The 2015 Baseline Greenhouse Gas Inventory revealed Building Energy to be the largest source of emissions in the City. Considering this, the adoption of a Reach Code was identified as a priority in Strategy 11 of the CAP.

Reach Codes offer an opportunity not only to reduce emissions, but to lower costs and create a healthier built environment in the City of South Lake Tahoe. 

Reach Codes Brochure (PDF)

Contact for questions: Sara Letton,, 530-542-6175