Building Code Information

Current 2016 California Building Codes

Chapter 6.15 of the South Lake Tahoe City Code provides information on the codes used by the Building Division to set building standards. The City has adopted the following California Building Codes:

California Administrative Code 2016
California Building Code 2016 Vol 1
California Building Code 2016 Vol 2
California Residential Code 2016
California Electrical Code 2016
California Mechanical Code 2016
California Plumbing Code 2016
California Energy Code 2016
California Historical Building Code 2016
California Fire Code 2016
California Existing Building Code 2016
California Green Building Standards Code 2016 (CAL Green)
California Referenced Standards Code 2016
Chapter 7A Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area

The 2016 California Building Code is available online at:

2016 California Building Standards Code (California Code of Regulations, Title 24)

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For additional information, please view the City Code requirements, Chapter 6.15 Building Regulations.

2013 Building Codes

Choose each section of the following building codes to view a pdf of the 2013 codes.

California Administrative Code 2013 (PDF)
California Building Code 2013 Vol 1 (PDF)
California Building Code 2013 Vol 2 (PDF)
California Electrical Code 2013 (PDF)
California Energy Code 2013 (PDF)
California Fire Code 2013 (PDF)
California Green Building Standards 2013 (PDF)
California Mechanical Code 2013 (PDF)
California Plumbing Code 2013 (PDF)
California Referenced Standards Code 2013 (PDF)
California Residential Code 2013 (PDF)
Chapter 7A Wildland Urban Interface Fire Area (PDF)