Applications, Checklists, Tipsheets & Forms 

All Building Permits require the following forms:

Applicable Checklists are required for All Building Permits requiring plan review:

How To Guides for Digital Submittals:

Building Permits for driveways, regardless if working in the right of way require the following forms:

Some Building Permits require one the following TRPA forms:

Additional resources:

Verification Forms available for contractors:

Submitting Electronically:

  1. Click on the Electronically Fillable Application or Form above
  2. Save the form to your computer, fill out the form, then save the completed form.
  3. Submit an email with the completed forms as Attachments
  4. The Permit Center staff will review the submissions and contact you regarding completeness and permit issuance


For questions or more information about any forms or applications, please contact the Permit Center at (530) 542-6010 or by email