Download Planning Division Applications, Checklists & Handouts 

(Applications may be emailed with Credit Card Authorization Form to )

Planning Division Fees:

2021 Planning Division Fees 

Credit Card Authorization Form

General Development Application (Design Review, Special Use Permit, Plan Amendments):

General Development Application

Sign Application and Checklist:

Sign Regulations and Standards (City Code Chapter 6.40)

Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Sign Permit Application Checklist (PDF)

Locally Unique Sign Application (PDF)

Locally Unique Sign Designation Brochure (PDF)

Temporary Signs (Elections)

Fence Application and Checklists:

Residential Fences

As of April 1, 2021 construction of new fences and modification of legally existing fences where residential uses exist on parcels in residential Plan Areas no longer requires approval of a Fence Permit from the City if the fence design and installation complies with City Code Section 6.85.030.  Use the RESIDENTIAL FENCE AND WALL STANDARDS checklist to determine compliance. Fences constructed or modified to be inconsistent with these standards may be subject to City Code violations and fines.

Residential Fence and Wall Standards checklist

Non-residential Fences

New or modified fences on property where commercial, industrial, public service, and recreation uses exist or in areas outside of residential Plan Areas require approval of a Fence permit by the City.  Use the Fence Permit Checklist to determine applicable standards and include the completed Checklist along with your Fence Permit Application.

Fence Permit Checklist

Fence Permit Application

Mobile Vending Private Property Location Application and Checklist:

Mobile Vending Location Regulations and Standards (City Code Chapter 6.70)

Mobile Vending Location Application Checklist

Mobile Vending Location Application 

Other Applications:

Arts & Crafts Show Application (PDF)
Zoning Violation Complaint Form (PDF)
Condominimization of Existing Residential Development Application (PDF)
Historic Resource Determination (PDF)
Home Occupation Application (PDF)
MWELO Prescriptive Compliance Fillable Form                 
Residential Allocation Application Fillable Form (PDF)
Temporary Activity Application (PDF)
Temporary Use/Structure Application (PDF)
Tentative/Final Map Review Applications (PDF)
Zoning/Building Clearance for Business License Application (PDF)