Plan Area Statements

The Planning Division is responsible for the administration of various zoning, land use regulations, and development standards per Chapters 6.10 and 6.55 of the City Municipal Code, including reviewing properties affected by the Lake Tahoe Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan (PDF) and overlay map (PDF), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Plan Area Statements and Community Plans, TRPA, and various other state and federal agencies.

Plan Area Statements

The City of South Lake Tahoe has adopted the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency's (TRPA) plan area statements. Each area is depicted on the zoning map (PDF) and there is a corresponding plan area statement that lists the permissible uses.  Some of the Plan Area Statements have been replaced by a Community Plan or an Area Plan.

Each Plan Area Statement contains land use categories and permissible uses for each land use category.   In order to determine the zoning for a specific area first locate the property on the zoning map (PDF) then refer to the plan area statement or community plan for the specific area.

PAS 085 Lakeview Heights
PAS 087 Heavenly Valley CA
PAS 089 Lakeside Park
PAS 090 Tahoe Meadows
PAS 091  See Tourist Core Area Plan
PAS 092 Pioneer/Ski Run
PAS 093 Bijou
PAS 094 Glenwood
PAS 095 Trout/Cold Creek
PAS 096 Pioneer Village
PAS 097 Bijou Pines
PAS 099 Al Tahoe
PAS 100 Truckee Marsh

PAS 101  Bijou Meadow
PAS 102  Tahoe Keys
PAS 103  Sierra Tract-Commercial
PAS 104  Highland Woods
PAS 105  Sierra Tract
PAS 108  Winnemucca
PAS 109  Tahoe Valley Campground
PAS 110   See Tahoe Valley Area Plan
PAS 111  Tahoe Island
PAS 112  Gardner Mountain
PAS 113  Industrial Tract
PAS 114  Bonanza
PAS 116  Airport