Training Division


Fire Rescue employees are expected to respond to a variety of incidents including structural fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, emergency medical emergencies, hazardous material calls, and vehicle accidents as well as a variety of public service calls. Firefighters are required to comply with a variety of Federal and State mandates and trainings to provide the all-risk services provided to City residents and visitors. Training in the most cost efficient and practical way to prepare our firefighters to serve the community.

photo of firefighters in the water training for swift water rescue

We place training as an extremely high priority within South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue. Training is the best and safest method to ensure competency from the probationary level to that of command and control. This program provides funding for ongoing safety training for firefighting, emergency response and safety within the Department, as well as, providing professional development to all personnel. This includes testing services for new and existing employees, travel costs in the form of meetings and seminars, and training materials for in-service, field and classroom settings. The Fire Department has a training center located in the center of town at 1195 Rufus Allen Boulevard.

Being in the center of town is critical to preserve emergency response. The training center also serves as an Emergency Operations Center, allowing city personnel to train for EOC operations. Fire Crews are required to train 7 days per week and the classroom has become a vital component of our training regimen.

Career Development 

The City of South Lake Tahoe and the South Lake Tahoe Fireman’s Association has entered into a collective bargaining agreement that outlines a comprehensive career development guideline that combines State and Federal training certification and a combination of higher education. This career development guide is designed for a person entering the fire department at the entry level and providing guidance and requirements for future promotions. 

Firefighter with hose