Area Plan Proposals and Updates

Area Plans provide local governments an opportunity to consolidate and simplify regulations, eliminate regulatory inconsistencies between the Regional Plan and local plans, and increase redevelopment and property investment incentives to revitalize the Region’s aging commercial centers and infrastructure. The City currently has two adopted area plans, the Tourist Core Area Plan (TCAP) and the Tahoe Valley Area Plan (TVAP). The policies and standards of these area plans have been successfully implemented since their respective adoptions; however, they are due for an update! 

In addition to the two existing area plans, the City is also working on creating a third area plan, referred to as the Mid-Town Area Plan. The Mid-Town Area Plan would provide land use guidance for all future redevelopment and development opportunities for the following areas: Bijou/Al Tahoe, Sierra Tahoe Commercial, Bijou Community Park, and Bijou Meadow/Golf Course.

For specific information regarding the area plan proposals and updates, check out each tab below:

  1. Tourist Core Area Plan *Update*

TCAP CoverWhat is the Tourist Core Area Plan?

Originally adopted in 2013, the Tourist Core Area Plan (TCAP) aims to enhance the built environment with high-quality development, improve transportation options and the circulation network, increase access to recreation opportunities, and promote a mix of land uses. This area of South Lake Tahoe is the center of tourist services and recreation access, is located adjacent to the Nevada and California Stateline, and has traditionally been the area with the highest concentration of commercial and tourist services.

The current Tourist Core Area Plan can be downloaded here

What is being proposed? 

The purpose of the amendments range from general improvements and a need for greater consistency with recently amended TRPA regulations, state regulations, and City goals, to increasing housing opportunities and community equity in appropriate areas. Over the next few months staff will be using feedback and direction from a stakeholder workshop and the Planning Commission to draft the TCAP amendments which will be presented to the Planning Commission for recommendation at a date to be determined.

A full project description can be found here

Have questions or want to get involved? 

Check out the upcoming opportunities to provide comments on proposed amendments below. If you have questions regarding the TCAP update please contact Assistant Planner Madison Dederick at (530) 542-6022 or 

Tourist Core Area Plan Map BoundaryUpcoming Opportunities to Provide Comments

  • TRPA Regional Plan Implementation Committee (RPIC): May 24, 2023
  • City Council Informational Meeting: TBD, May estimated
  • Environmental Document Circulation: TBD, June/July estimated
  • Planning Commission Recommendation: TBD, August estimated
  • City Council Adoption: TBD, September estimated
  • TRPA Recommendation: TBD, October estimated
  • TRPA Adoption: TBD, November estimated

Previously Received Feedback and Comments

  1. Tahoe Valley Area Plan *Update*
  1. *New* Mid-Town Area Plan
Tourist Core Area Plan Coverage Page
Tahoe Valley Area Plan Cover Page

The Tourist Core Area Plan Boundary

Tourist Core Area Plan Map Boundary

The Tahoe Valley Area Plan

Tahoe Valley Area Plan Map Boundary
Boundary of the proposed Mid-Town Area Plan