Detectives Division

Detectives are part of our Support Division. Detectives typically follow up preliminary crime investigations submitted from patrol officers. They investigate and develop cases for the successful prosecution by the District Attorney’s Office, for exonerating anyone wrongfully accused, and to ensure appropriate support services are provided to victims of crime. Detectives receive specialized training to work a variety of assignments, including undercover operations for the investigation of narcotics, alcohol, vice, and other crimes. Detectives are responsible for handling long-term or complex investigations. They participate in various community and law enforcement forums such as the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, Central Sierra Intelligence Unit, and others.

Division Functions

General Crimes Investigation

  • Child crimes - Abuse, neglect, and juvenile offenders
  • Persons crimes - Homicide, sexual assault, and robbery

Evidence Technicians / Crime Scene Investigators

  • Collection, examination, and preservation of latent prints, blood, and other evidence
  • Non-sworn civilian employees with specialized training forensics
  • Specialized photography and crime scene analysis skills
  • Custodians of evidence