Equipment Maintenance

Staff & Inventory

Under the direction of the Operations Manager, this division includes a Fleet Control Specialist, one Fleet Supervisor, and four Equipment Mechanics. This crew maintains all of the city’s rolling stock and motorized equipment. The current inventory of vehicles and equipment that is maintained by this division is over 300 pieces.

Contracted Work

Some vehicle repair is contracted to outside shops, generally for specialized work such as body paint, wheel alignment, and exhaust work. However, the city has the expertise on staff to do nearly any automotive or heavy equipment work that is needed.

Computerized Vehicle Management

A computerized vehicle management program is used to manage the maintenance of equipment, and a computerized inventory control program is used to track a parts inventory that averages in excess of $200,000.

Vehicle Replacement

This division has also developed a vehicle replacement schedule that charts the estimated life of each vehicle by department, the cost of replacement per year, the cost to each department per year, and the overall cost to the city.

Staff Directory