Leave No Impact Program

Leave No Impact Program

As a vacation home renter, we welcome you to South Lake Tahoe and hope you enjoy our beautiful community as much as we do. During your visit, please remember that the Vacation Home Rental (VHR) you are staying in may be located within a residential neighborhood. VHRs in residential neighborhoods must adhere to our Leave No Impact Program to mitigate impacts on our non-vacationing residents. Leave No Impact seeks to remind visitors that they are visitors to a neighborhood; a neighborhood is not an area where hotels and motels are located. Neighborhood residents may have regular schedules and work responsibilities. Please be respectful of the neighborhood and residents by Leaving No Impact from your visit.

Leave No Impact Brochure (PDF)

Our Leave No Impact Program requires adherence to the following:


Unreasonable noise is never permitted in residential areas and no noise is permitted after 10pm.


Remember, you are visiting an area surrounded by the forest. In the forest we have hungry bears; bears view trash as an opportunity to eat. If garbage bags are left outside, or food is left inside of the vehicle, a bear will be encouraged to come into the neighborhood and eat the food. Bears are very strong and will tear open trash bags and go through car windows with food left in the cars. Store all trash tightly; leave no trash or food in the car and do not leave trash bags outside the vacation home rental when you leave.


Visitors must adhere to the maximum number of occupants authorized in the VHR being rented. Occupancy can not exceed the maximum number allowed, at any time. Weddings and parties are not allowed in VHRs at any time.

Pools/Spas/Hot Tubs

Use of pools, spas and hot tubs with the use of jets, blowers and other mechanical elements that produce noise are prohibited between the hours of 10pm and 8am.


Please park legally in a driveway/paved parking space at your VHR. The number of parking spaces is limited to number of designated parking spaces at each VHR and is posted on the signage on the exterior of your VHR.


If the City of South Lake Tahoe VHR Enforcement Officer is contacted with noise, parking, occupancy or trash complaints, fines are $1,000.

Please, Leave No Impact in the neighborhood.


VHR Clerk: (530) 542-6011.
VHR Enforcement: (530) 542-7474.