Commercial Design Guidelines

City of South Lake Tahoe Commercial Design Guidelines

The primary purpose of the South Lake Tahoe Design Guidelines (Guidelines) is to provide a visual tool to help guide project applicants on how to meet the required design standards in a manner that meets the desired aesthetic of the community. They are intended to assist landowners, developers, tenants and their consultants, such as architects, who propose any alteration, addition, construction, and/or development in understanding the basic design ideas related to the City of South Lake Tahoe’s (City’s)design standards in order to improve the area’s visual quality.

The Guidelines are not intended to inhibit innovative design or espouse one style of mountain design. They are intended to allow freedom of expression, innovation and creativity while developing built elements that are timeless or do not appear overly trendy. They provide an illustrative and descriptive tool for establishing and maintaining an overall unifying character and image for the entire community.

Adopted Commercial Design Guidelines Manual (PDF) (2016)