Fire/Life Safety Inspection Program


The City of South Lake Tahoe conducts Fire and Life Safety (maintenance) inspections of all existing commercial buildings used for public assembly, educational purposes, institutions, hazardous, storage, and high-rise buildings within the city. In many cases, the California Health and Safety Code (Section 13145 and Section 13146) requires fire and life safety inspections to be completed by the local fire official. These inspections provide tax payers with a cost-effective way to ensure buildings are in compliance with adopted codes and standards, lowering community-wide risks.


The goal of the City's Fire and Life Safety Inspection Program is to "work to ensure a fire-safe future." We strive to accomplish this through working with the community by providing education, onsite inspection, determining fire and building code compliance.


In accordance with local City ordinance, the City Council has set forth an initial inspection fee for inspection services for specific types of property. Under the same local ordinances and state law, specific properties are required to allow fire inspection. The fees charged for these services reflect only a portion of the true cost for providing fire prevention services; no profit is allowed to be made by the City. Through the adoption of the current Master Fee Schedule (also available on the City's website) the initial inspection fee is based on the location's total square footage.

For more information, or to schedule a Fire Safety or Defensible Space Inspection, please contact Fire Safety Inspector Dan Brown:; 530-542-6019 (you may also submit your inspection request online).