South Lake Tahoe Basin Waste Management

The South Lake Tahoe Basin Waste Management Authority is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) consisting of three (3) jurisdictions; City of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County and Douglas County. The South Lake Tahoe Basin Waste Management JPA was created to encourage construction of a materials recovery facility and other solid waste handling facilities in the Tahoe Basin.

Membership consists of one member and one alternate of each governing body to serve at the pleasure of the governing body of the appointing agency. Any change in appointment of a member or alternate shall be designated by the governing body.

At least one regular meeting is held annually. More meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. For more information contact Andra Burnam at (530) 542-6034 or by email

To view the complete Agenda Packet and to watch the South Lake Tahoe Waste Management Authority JPA livestream meeting CLICK HERE.