Mobile Vending

Ordinance 2020-1141

On April 14, 2020 the City Council approved amendments to the City’s mobile vending ordinance that allow the private property mobile vending location pilot program to continue and reduce requirements for mobile vendor registration with the Police Department.  The full ordinance is available at the link below:

Ordinance 2020-1141 Mobile Vending Ordinance Update

Ordinance 2019-1127

On February 19, 2019 the City Council adopted Ordinance 2019-1127 which streamlines processes and requirements for mobile vendors to obtain a Mobile Vending Permit, and establishes a pilot program for mobile vendors to operate on private property where a Mobile Vending Location Permit has been approved. The ordinance will take effect March 21, 2019. The complete ordinance describing these regulations is available at the link below.

Mobile Vending Ordinance 2019-1127

For properties wishing to have mobile vending activities on site, please review Ordinance 2019-1127 to determine site eligibility then submit the Mobile Vendor Location Permit application and the Submittal Checklist along with all items indicated on the checklist. Application packages can be submitted, beginning on March 21st at 8:00 am to the Development Services Permit Center (1052 Tata Lane). Application packages must include all required items before they will be accepted. Applications will be reviewed in the order accepted.

For vendors wishing to vend on City streets or at approved Mobile Vendor Locations an approved Mobile Vendor Permit is required.  Complete Mobile Vendor Permit applications must be submitted to the City Police Department. Also required are an El Dorado County Environmental Health  permit and a City Business License.


At its regular meeting on May 15, 2018, the City Council directed City staff to conduct public outreach and research on the potential to modify existing regulations regarding mobile vending in the City. This website provides information as it becomes available throughout the public outreach and discussion process.

The staff report for the May 15th City Council meeting provides a summary of the citizen input up to that date on the mobile vending topic. The staff report is available at:

May 15, 2018 Mobile vending staff report

Also attached to the staff report is a publication of the National League of Cities titled "Food on Wheels: Mobile Vending Goes Mainstream"

Hilary Roverud
Deputy Director
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